Friday, January 21, 2011

Baby Blanket for my first Grandson

Last April, I learned how to crochet from my friend Nicole. After learning some basic stitches, I went home to practice. I started out with a simple scarf and did a couple of those figuring out along the way what was right and what was wrong. After the scarves, I wanted to start making something simple like a baby afghan. I found a book of beginner patterns and this was my favorite. The pattern calls for five colors which I did in the beginning, making three of the same thing. But when I found out my son and his wife were expecting a boy, I modified the original which had pink and purple in it to just the blue, green and yellow. So while this is the fourth one I've crocheted, it's the first designed for a boy. I gave one of the first ones I did to my hair stylist who is expecting her first granddaughter in a few months. I can't wait to see my new grandson in just a few short weeks!

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