Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Day

On Easter Sunday we were able to watch both sessions of General Conference. We watched the morning session live (even though we taped at the same time) and watched the taped session of the afternoon session. I loved both! My favorite talks were by Dieter Uchtdorf, Russell M. Nelson, and Richard G. Scott to name a few. I loved the messages about loving all of our brothers and sisters and recognizing that all are beloved sons and daughters of Heavenly Father who loves them all and not judging people. Also, I loved the talk about Family History and temple work, even though I don't do either (bad woman award on that one). I do have a temple recommend, I just don't seem to ever make it there. Then at 1:00 p.m. we had dinner at my Mom and Dad's house in Star with my sister and her family and two brothers and their families. I love when we all get together, because we get the chance to catch up on each other's lives and talk, eat great food, and laugh over the things Sammy, age 2 1/2 and Gabe age 2 say. When we were getting ready to take Gabe and Sammy our to hunt eggs in the yard, Sammy was calling for his dad to come out using his first name. He stands in the kitchen calling at the top of his voice, Brian, Briiiiiaaaaan! Then outside, he later asks Josh and Cassidy, "where's Brian?" I guess he assumes this will get better faster results, than just asking "where's Dad?" when several dads are present. Gabe doesn't talk as well or as clearly yet, since he is almost a year younger, but when looking for eggs, each time he finds one he says "oh, right there!" They both had fun gathering eggs, although it was freezing cold! Before we went out to hunt eggs, I took Sammy's binky and put it on a tv tray in the family room, so I could get pictures of him without it, then later he went looking for it and it wasn't there, so questioning his mom, she told him ask Aunt Keri since she took it before he went out, so he turned to me to ask, and I didn't know where it had been moved to, so Grandpa said it was on the kitchen counter, so I went to get it, but Sammy thought I lost it, so when I was in the kitchen getting it, I heard him saying, "did you lose my binky?" It was so funny, I brought it back and he started laughing when he saw it. He was so glad to get it back! Both Gabe and Sam love their binky's! It was just a great day!

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