Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Last Saturday, I went to a National Scrapbook Day event held by a friend and fellow Creative Memories consultant, Donna. It was from 9 to 5 and I got 28 pages done. That was a great amount for me. It ended up being all of the pages I had done in my power layout box which was perfect. Then yesterday, I did some more pages here at home. Used my new Jumbo Wavy Square cutting pattern and that was cool! I love the new Jumbo patters (circle, oval and square)! Wonder what CM will come up with next...Richard has replaced some of the things on his ATV trailer which were ruined in last Friday's day of horror. He took the tongue box off and put it out on the curb for trash pickup on Monday night, but a neighbor boy saw it and came and asked if he could have it. So he ended up taking it instead. I think he will probably just bang out as much of the dent as possible with a hammer. Last night's Relief Society meeting was about gardening tips and organization tips and ideas. Loved both mini lessons! This year gardening is reduced to just berries. The nice thing is that they take up lots of space and they are perennial. Can't wait for the raspberries and blackberries to come on so I can eat a bunch and learn to can some jam as well.

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