Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Wow, I woke up this morning to actual sunshine! It has been many days since that happened and I can't even describe how much better I feel just because of that big old sun! Cassidy has a lacrosse game this evening and I so hope the sun will stay out for that. I know it will be very cold and I will definitely have to wear a sweatshirt in addition to my coat as well as taking a big comforter along to sit on and wrap around me too. Whew, gotta love spring in Idaho. On Saturday, Alyssa and Becca will be home for a week and then Becca will show me how to put pictures on this blog and then, I will be taking pictures of cards I make as well as page ideas from my scrapbooking to post on here as well. Can't wait for that. Poor Becca and Alyssa have the whole week next week full of appointments that have to be done before heading back to college. They both have appointments with the doctor for a physical, dentist for cleaning, hair stylist for cut/color and Becca also has one for the eye doctor to get some glasses (she hasn't had a new pair for a few years since getting contacts) and the dermatologist. Nothing like a relaxing week at home. Have a happy day, everyone!

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  1. Well golly, when you put it that way it makes it seem like i'll be doing nothing but going to appointments. Can't wait to come home, and guess what?! I did well on my finals today! YIPPEE!