Friday, April 23, 2010

Tongue Box takes a licking

I think today is secretly Friday the 13th. Richard came home at lunchtime to hitch up the trailer with the ATV's to go register the one from Utah. (It has to be inspected at the DMV in person). Richard got home and hitched the trailer to the truck and then while pulling the trailer out of the garage he runs the trailer into the side of the garage door ripping out some of the trim around the edge. He nails it back on, but it doesn't look perfect now. Then after several tries of getting it out, he unhitches the trailer and manually moves it over and part way out of the garage and then re-hitches it up. We left and on Ballantyne road in front of Countryside neighborhood the hitch comes off and we have to pull over on the one wide spot on the road next to an empty patch of land full of weeds and wildflowers. This is when Richard realizes that in hitching up the trailer he forgot to put down the black handle on the top of the hitch, but he had hooked up the chains and the cord to work the lights. So now he had to drive one ATC off the trailer to raise the hitch up out of the dirt and put it back on. The tongue box was smashed in by the truck hitch but luckily no damage to the truck. The trailer hitch has a small wheel that took a beating as well as the bar the wheel is attached to which part of that metal was ground off by the road. That smell is not very good. All in all, he damaged the garage, and the trailer in several places. We did manage to get it registered though with no more mishaps. Needless to say he won't forget this day for a long time to come!

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